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      phenacetin 5kg 299GBP

      • purity99.9%
      • Packingsealed foil bag
      • couriersDPD, UPS, Yodel, Royal Mail
      • shipping time4-7 days, door to door
      • payment methodPaypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Transfer and Bitcoin

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      1. Detailed information

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      Packaged and sealed  99.9% purity, unmixed, premium Phenacetin powder

      Phenacetin powder

      Other Name: Phenacetinum

      Chemical Name: 1-Acetyl-p-Phenetidin;4-acetophenetidine

      CAS: 62-44-2

      MF: C10H13NO2

      MW: 179.22

      EINECS: 200-533-0

      Assay: 99.9%

      Appearence:White powder or white crystalline powder,No smell, taste slightly bitter.

      Solubility:This product is difficult to dissolve in water, slightly soluble in ether, slightly soluble in boiling water, soluble in ethanol and chloroform. Dissolve in concentrated sulfuric acid, the color is not obvious, to the solution in the nitric acid is orange yellow.

      Drug category: Antipyretic and analgesic drugs raw materials

      Purpose:Antipyretic analgesics for the treatment of fever, headache, neuralgia, etc..

      Packaging & Delivery:

      1.All products are packed in the separate small plastic packages and ziplocks, then in ordinary plastic envelopes or carton boxes depending on weight and contents. There are not any inscriptions on the external envelope or boxes side, speaking of the contents and its price.

      2.Enough stock, Products will be packed and posted in one day after we receive payment, tracking number is available.

      Additionally,the parcel will be delivered directly to your home(door to door)

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