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    • Phenacetin Powder UK

      Are you searching for a reliable provider of phenacetin powder UK? For a high quality phenacetin powder, it is vital to pick the supplier that offers safe and top quality products. In the UK, Supply B

    • Lidocaine Powder Bulk

      Lidocaine powder has many uses. It is a medication that helps to treat pain and itching from different skin issues such as minor burns, scrapes, insect bites, and eczema. Additionally, the product is

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    • Recent tracking numbers to UK

      Recent tracking numbers to UK. We can send 1kg-200kg to UK at a time.1kg by Royal Mail, 4-5 days2-10kg by Yodel, about 7 days11-200kg by Special Line + local UPS delivery, about 8 days

    • How to order it online?

      Visit product details page, click "Buy Now". Pay by Paypal, Debit, or Credit Card.

    • Why you must buy Benzocaine from a reliable Supplier

      When buying your research chemical supplies such as benzocaine, the quality of the powder is imperative to achieve the desired results in research and manufacturing applications. It is important that

    • Introduction to Benzocaine

      Benzocaine is a local anaesthetic commonly used in topical and in some surgical applications. The anaesthetic properties of benzocaine work through blocking the sodium (NA+) channels of cell membranes

    • Commercial uses of Benzocaine within the UK

      Benzocaine is extensively used throughout the medical industry and is the active ingredient in many over-the-counter products. Its anaesthetic property makes it useful in first aid ointments and sunbu

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